OESD CutAway Heavy Weight Stabilizer - Black 10 in.
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OESD CutAway Heavy Weight Stabilizer - Black 10 in.

by OeSDâ?-
Professional quality embroidery stabilizers for the best results with your machine embroidery projects.
OeSD's Heavy Weight stabilizer softens after washing and is so versatile, it works with nearly all fabrics. This stabilizer is best for denim, sweatshirt fleece, or heavy knits, but can be used with softer fabrics (ex. rayon, challis) when you are stitching a high count design. It should be used in multiple layers for high stitch count designs and/or lots of detail and shading, to prevent outline issues.
Suggested uses:
- Cotton fabrics
- Denim/jeans
- Hard to hoop items- Leather/suede- Sweatshirts- Towels/terry cloth
- Velvet/velveteen/velour
Black; 10" roll x 10 yards.